July is Swim for Distance Month

Decide what you want. Write it down. Make a plan. And then...work on it. Every...DAM...Day!



All participating swimmers will receive a 2017 DAM Swim for Distance T-shirt, free!
(see the "Rules" below)
Please select your shirt size by Monday, July 10!

Note: The Power Hour Swim and Contest are optional, you do not need to participate to receive your T-shirt. Just set your goal and swim!

DAM Power Hour! 
Sunday, July 30 at SMU
7:30am-8:30am and 8:45am-9:45am

(no regular practice that day)

You will have the chance to swim for an uninterrupted hour and every meter you log during the power hour will count as 1.5 meters toward your total July goal. 

Space is limited.  You will need to reserve time & pool space online.  Please sign up for one time slot only. 
Cancel policy:  If you register, reserve a space and cannot attend, 
please give us a 48-hour notice (by 9:00am Friday, July 28th).

Register Here for the S4D Power Hour 


In addition to the power hour swim, we will be offering four randomly selected practices, at each location and time, where you will be able to count an extra 1500 meters to your total swim for the day. 

Award categories:

  1. Greatest distance swum in the month of July at scheduled DAM practices and events.
    • First place Gold - $100 DJ Sports gift card
    •  Second place Silver - $50 DJ Sports gift card
    • Third place Bronze - $25 DJ Sports gift card
  2. Greatest distance swum including all special “add on” swims, including the one-hour swim, zone meet, open water race swims, and select bonus practices. Honor system in place here! First place Award - provided by Urban Taco and Hook, Line & Sinker Restaurants

The 2016 Winner was Paula Kelley, with 114,550 Meters!  
"My S4D goal is to always go farther than the year before..."
(read more)

Submit your Contest Entry Log by Wednesday, August 3:
Mail:  DAM, 4901 Cole Ave., Dallas, TX 75205
Fax: 214-219-2320
Email:  kara@damswim.com

Swim For Distance Month "Rules":  
You must attend at least 16 practices (avg. 4 practices per week) in July to receive your 2017 Swim For Distance T-shirt. 

Set your distance goal:
Decide how many meters you want to swim for the month of July. A coach can help you determine the appropriate distance, or if you prefer, you can shoot for one of the mileage goals outlined below. Be realistic, but don’t be too cautious! The number you choose becomes your distance goal for the month and should be recorded on your distance log sheet. (You can also make-up your own swim log on paper, in a word document or excel).


Individual Practice Distances:


Each one hour practice will be consistent in total distances for each skill level:


                   Level 1:                                               3300 meters

                   Level 2:                                               2400 meters
                   Level 3:                                               2000 meters

                   Level 4:                                               1500 meters


Conversion to miles (1500 meters = 1 mile):


                   Level 1:         16 practices x 3300 m = 52,800 m = 35 miles

                   Level 2:         16 practices x 2400 m = 38,400 m = 25 miles

                   Level 3:         16 practices x 2000 m = 32,000 m = 21 miles

                   Level 4:         16 practices x 1500 m = 24,000 m = 16 miles 


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