On August 4, 2012 four DAM swimmers will be take part in one of the preeminent open water events in the world today! It's the 28.5 mile Swim around Manhattan Island relay swim. We are asking you to please support our team as we have pledged to raise at least $10,000 for the Swim Free Charity.

Swim Free is a fully accredited 503(c) charity. Swim Free's mission is to improve the health of children and adults through swimming. Swim Free will provide the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the rewards of a good swim. The Team wants to be able to fund Dallas learn-to-swim programs with the money that it raises. We are looking for organizations in the Dallas area that offer children and adult swim lessons. Our target this time around is to help the Greater Dallas Boys &Girls Clubs which have pools and programs already set up. One of our swimmers, Bruce Goldberg, is a founding Board member of Swim Free and also was on the Board of the Greater Dallas Boys & Girls Clubs.

New York-Dallas-Phoenix Swim Free Team:
Our relay team consists of 6 members, 4 of whom swim for DAM. The DAM swimmers participating in this event are DAM Head Coach Jim Montgomery, Phil Ritter, Bob Jacoby and Bruce Goldberg. The other team members are Jamie Hosfeld and Tommy Hickcox from Phoenix.  The relay team will be swimming around the entire island of Manhattan (28.5 miles!). We start and finish the swim at the southern most tip of Manhattan, Battery Park. The swim goes up the East River, across the Harlem River and back down the Hudson River. The water temperature is usually around 76 degrees that time of year so cold water will not be a problem. Each swimmer will start off swimming a 45-minute leg, then continue with 30 minute legs until the finish. If tide and current conditions hold true, we should be able to complete the swim in under 7 hours.    
I am including a link that can be added to an email and/or posted to our web
site that will allow folks to directly contribute to our team. Here it is:
Please help expand your love of swimming to those who don’t have the opportunity.
Coach Jim Montgomery