Go the Distance


Whether you swim for fitness or competition, North Texas Masters Swimming has a challenge to help you meet your 2015 goals.The challenge is open to all North Texas Masters Swimmers registered with U.S. Masters Swimming.  Currently, DAM has over over 100 registered swimmers with USMS yet only twelve are registered for Go The Distance!

During 2015, simply log in to  My USMS account, click the link to join Go the Distance and start recording your distance in the "My Fitness Log (FLOG)".

You will compete as an individual and as part of Team Dallas Aquatic Masters
Your distance must be recorded in the month it occurred in
Miles for Individuals and Team will 'reset' to zero each Quarter
You will compete against other individuals and other Masters Swim Teams within NT Masters.
(Please note that the distances you swim and record are on the honor system)
Quarterly Awards 
  • 3 Individuals awards based on total mileage per swimmer. Award in the form of $60, $50 or $35 gift cards to Extreme Swim in Plano, TX
  • 1 Team award based on total miles per team divided by registered USMS members - $100 Generic gift card for team celebration
  • Bonus - 1st Quarter Award Special Award:  Top 3 Teams with the highest percent (%) of membership participation will receive a FREE NT Masters logo swim cap.  Note: Swimmers must have a minimum of 20 miles 35,200 yards) during the 1st quarter to count as a participant.
2015 Year End Awards - based on total mileage January 1- December 31, 2015
  • 3 Individual Awards in the form of gift cards to Xtreme Swim for $120, $100 or ​
  • 2 Team Awards in the form of a $200 generic gift card for team celebration, based on
    • Percentage (%) of team participating (swimmer must have a minimum of 50 miles (88,000 yards) during the year to count as a participant
    • Total mileage of the team divided by USMS swimmers on team