We hope that you enjoyed your Trial Week with the Dallas Aquatic Masters! 

Swimming is an excellent way to improve both your physical and mental well being.  And being a part of DAM allows you to practice, improve and excel in swimming. DAM is one of the largest, and most successful swim clubs in the US, offering over 50 coached practices each week - morning, noon and evening.

We would like to invite you to Join DAM.  You may use your current login and password from your free trial membership.  In addition to our weekly workouts, we offer sprint and distance swim training for triathletes, open water training sessions seasonally, swim clinics and more.   Visit our website to learn more about our swim meets and special events!

Thank you for swimming with Dallas Aquatic Masters!  If yo have any questions regarding our swim for fitness program, please call us at (214) 219-2300.