5/25/17 final


Dear 2017 Flowers Sea Swim Swimmers,

Your final itinerary is below and a pdf copy can be downloaded here. I suggest you print it out and put in a plastic sheet cover for your beach/swim bag.

Packing tips: bring a bright colored cap to wear in the water for the practice swims. Black and dark blue caps can't be seen in the ocean water. Don't wear blue tinted goggles; it turns the ocean buoys gray and they blend into the ocean and can't be seen. Keep your phone in a ziploc bag or a waterproof phone case. Bring a rashguard/UPF swim shirt and a hat if you want full sun protection or want a break from the sun after a few hours. 

Call your phone provider to get an international calling and/or texting plan so you don't incur large international charges on your phone bill. 

Any friend or family that want to walk along the beach while you swim the race have to be registered Race Walkers. 

Please register on your own at https://register.flowersseaswim.com/

While on the island, please use text messages to contact Bobby Patten, 214-794-7946. Laurie will not be on this trip, but feel free to email her at or text her at 972-965-1109 with any questions. 



Wednesday, June 7
Travel Day

Thursday, June 8 
8:30am - Group swim - meet on the beach at the Westin
11:00am - Beach Volleyball game at the Westin
4:00pm - Optional group swim (short swim)
6:30pm - Meet in the Westin Lobby to go to Cracked Conch Restaurant, about 10-12 min taxi ride, bring cash for your transportation
7:00pm - Dinner at the Cracked Conch (Oceanside restaurant, beautiful views)  
http://www.crackedconch.com.ky/ .

Friday, June 9
9:30-2:30pm  - Captain Marvin's Beach Lunch Excursion, $75.00 per person. Departs across the street from the Westin at Captain Marvin's storefront.
This trip includes Stingray City, an extra snorkeling stop. Lunch provided at Kaibo Beach which is a nice, quaint beach area.
Captain Marvin's Beach Lunch Trip
4:00pm - Group Swim
6:30pm - Team Meeting at the poolside bar area


Saturday, June 10
8:30am - Suggested pre-race warm-up swim
1:00pm - Flowers Sea Swim Race check-in
2:30pm - Race Start

5:00pm - Race Awards and raffle drawings (post race snacks are provided by race director)

Sunday, June 11
12:30pm - Red Sail Swimmin, Chillin and Grillin Snorkeling Trip - 1:00-4:00pm, $85.00 per person. For race participants, there is a 30% discount. You do have to show your proof of race entry upon check-in at the Westin Red Sail hut. Departs from the Westin Beach area. The snorkeling area is Eden Rock reef area near Georgetown which we have not been to before if you are a repeat guest on our Cayman Trip. There are no cruise ships scheduled to be in port on this day. To book this one, you will need to call Red Sail and book by phone, 1-877-506-6368 to take advantage of the 30% discount. The discounted rate is not available by booking online. 

Red Sail Swimmin, Chillin and Grillin Trip
Dinner on your own

Monday, June 12
6:00 AM – Race check-in for Flowers International 5k and 10k Swim
Free day


Ideas for on your own
Go shopping at Camana Bay, take a horseback ride on the beach, go snorkeling at one of the many snorkeling beaches in Cayman.
Great snorkeling next door to the Westin at the reef in front of the Governor's Mansion.

Camana Bay Shopping - http://www.camanabay.com/the-town/shop/

Snorkeling off the beaten path - http://snorkelblog.tumblr.com/

Local history and culture - go see Pedro St James - http://pedrostjames.ky/  It is a very well done exhibit. Tour the original great plantation house on the island too.

QE II Botanic Gardens - http://www.botanic-park.ky/

Turtle Farm - https://www.turtle.ky/ - this is across the street from the Cracked Conch and its sister restaurant Macabuca. Go the Turtle Farm and have an outdoor lunch on the Macabuca deck on the water. 

Georgetown shopping - http://www.explorecayman.com/shopping-in-george-town. Georgetown is a hopping place when the cruise ships are in port. There are lots of shops and restaurants along the water

Cayman Sea Elements - has a bioluminescence bay tour at night and a mangrove kayak tour which are both super fun and interesting. http://caymanseaelements.com/


Recommend restaurants within walking distance to Westin

Sunshine Grill – great burgers and tacos, a local favorite and reasonably priced food at the Sunshine Suites across from the Westin.  
LUCA - Modern Italian, Seafood
Eats Diner - good for breakfast or quick lunch – across the street from Westin main entrance
Ragazzi  - Italian food. Short cab ride from hotel or walk.
Edoardo's - Italian food
Calypso Grill - 10 min taxi ride from Westin; seafood; open Tuesdays-Sundays
The Brasserie Restaurant and Bar - open Monday through Friday in George Town; known as the Island's secret pleasure. Great food in George Town. Take a cab.

Island Transportation
Take a taxi from the airport. It's about a 15-minute ride. Cost is about $25-$30 USD and they will take US Dollars. Taxi's are always available around the island. The island has set taxi rates so all the taxis are the same price. There is a bus system on the island which utilizes mini-vans traveling around the island. The mini-vans stop at the bus stop across the street from the Westin. It is approximately $2.00-4.00 per person depending on how far you go. If you are walking down the main street and hear someone honking at you, it is most likely a public mini-van asking if you want a ride. If you flag them down, they will pull over and pick you up. 

Westin Hotel has an Avis car rental if you want to rent a car or jeep for the day. - http://www.aviscayman.com/rates.php

If you have any questions, please email or call me at the office. I have been to all the restaurants mentioned and done all the excursions mentioned. 


Laurie Dunlap Travel
DAM Membership Coordinator