Friday, Dec 1, 2017

SMU new pool information and parking reminder

Please be mindful of a few rules for the new pool....

1. The swimmers should only enter the pool area through the public locker rooms. The goal is to keep any dirt mud etc.. off the pool deck; no street shoes on the deck please. 
2. We have the end of the pool closest to the offices, the competition pool, all eight lanes. Lane one is the Dallas Aquatic Masters Lane, it will be the fast lane for our practices, with lane eight closest to the outside windows being our slower send off lanes. 
3. We no longer have the Big Blue Box of pool equipment. Our equipment is now in a double wide rolling basket, it is the only basket with multi-colored kick boards, pull buoys and fins. Please make sure you pick up all equipment and the deck is clean at the end of each session. This includes any water bottles, caps goggles, paddles and any other swim toys.  Let’s treat this pool like a Rolls Royce. 
4. If you arrive early for practice, more than 15 minutes, please stay off the deck and wait for our scheduled time in the stands or lobby.
5. If you decide to bring a guest or child to watch while you are swimming that person needs to sit in the stands above the pool. No people on the deck besides swimmers and coaches.
6. For the next few months DAM swimmers will be required to sign in at each practice.

Locker rooms: Public locker rooms with sinks, showers, and toilets are available for DAM members to useYou will need to bring your own lock to lock your belongings. Please use the locker rooms for changing. No deck changing allowed. 

Parking: SMU has made our existing permits good for two AUP (all university parking lots) on the East Campus. One lot is directly across SMU Blvd from the pool. The second overflow lot is on the southeast corner of I-75 and Dyer, one short block north of the pool. From the Dyer lot, walk east and turn right on Prentice Street to cross SMU Blvd.

You need to make your green parking permit visible on your dashboard to avoid getting a parking ticket. Please do not park in the SMU office tower lot or the lot adjacent to the pool.  Don't have a parking permit yet? Click here to purchase one. 


Robb Lindley Aquatics Center
5550 SMU Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75206










Enjoy your swimming at the new pool!! We know the outdoors and sunshine will be missed, and our hope is that the plans to build a new outdoor pool behind the new natatorium will happen in the near future. 


See you at the pool!






Laurie Dunlap