Policy Changes and Updates to SMU


The first and most obvious is the pool. The pool is now divided with 12 short course yard lanes and two 50 meter lanes. The pool will most likely remain in this configuration until the end of March, which is the conclusion of the College swimming season. NCAA meets compete in 25 yard (short course) pools.

We will do our best to rotate the practices so all members will get a chance to swim long course, not just the fastest two lanes.

During this time, we ask that you continue to swim in the lane you normally do, if you can’t make the interval do not swim in that lane. This is as much a safety issue as fairness to all members working out.

With the twelve lanes I know it’s tempting to swim in the lanes not being used, please do not swim at an end of the pool without a coach on deck. Again, this is a safety issue it is never a good idea to swim unsupervised.

As those of you that swam last winter will recall, a tent will be put up covering the 50 meter pool. This year, in addition to the deck heaters, SMU will be installing a dehumidification system which should greatly reduce the amount of moisture and improve the air quality.

We understand that the pool situation is not perfect, however, it is a convenient location and fun place to swim even with the recent challenges.  If you think it’s a challenge for master swimmers, imagine what the SMU boys, girls, and coaches must be dealing with.   I’m thankful we are still welcome and able to swim at SMU throughout the year.


Parking at SMU

Parking passes are available for purchase from the DAM office currently for a cost of $12.00. Passes purchased today are good through the end of March. If you are using the code without a displayed pass, you do run the risk of a parking ticket.  Parking ticket fines are around $75.00 so the $12.00 is a smart purchase.

On Deck Changing

A NO DECK CHANGE POLICY has been in place at SMU since this past summer. This policy will remain in place at SMU indefinitely. In addition, the NO DECK CHANGE POLICY is now in effect at all DAM locations. As silly as this policy seems to some of our members, this is far from humorous. Dallas Aquatic Masters risks losing its pool privileges if we do not stick to this policy.  Please make sure to change in the lockers rooms.