IMPORTANT: If you are thinking about going to Bermuda, now is the time to commit to the trip of a lifetime!

Airfares: Great airfares can be found on Delta (DFW-Atlanta-Bermuda) and on American (DFW-Miami-Bermuda).  Check travel search engines for flights and rates - a few are listed below: 

Race entry fee of $119.00 is due by August 1, 2012.  Fee includes pre-race dinner, t-shirt, swim cap, and event transportation.  (Shirts and caps are not guaranteed for late entries).   REGISTER HERE NOW!

Trip details and information is listed below.  

The 22nd Annual Bermuda

Round the Sound Open Water Swims

 October 11-15, 2012

Join Jim and other DAM members and friends in beautiful Bermuda at the luxury Grotto Bay Beach Resort.  A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a discounted rate for DAM swimmers and their guest.

Click here to get complete details, book your hotel and register for this open water swim event!

Race entry fee of $119.00 is due by August 1,2012.  Fee includes pre-race dinner, t-shirt, swim cap, and event transportation.
10K, 7.25K, 4K, 2K, 0.8K 


Bermuda Shorts First donned in the early 20th century by British military officers for hot climates, they’re now considered the national dress for men (when worn with a blazer, tie, and kneesocks).

Fast food franchises are outlawed except for one KFC.

The Bermuda Olympic Association only allows true (one parent Bermudian-born) Bermudians to go to the Olympics

Bermuda has more golf courses per square mi. than any other place in the world; there are 8 of them on the island.

Bermuda is about one-third the size of Washington, DC.

It is an hour later in Bermuda than it is in Boston

It's the fifth smallest country in the world, after Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru and Tuvalu (those last two are in the South Pacific). Roughly the same size as Manhattan. 

Bermuda enjoys the highest per capita income in the world, more than 50% higher than that of the US

Bermuda waters are warm most of the year, but islanders have designated May 24 as the  traditional "first swim of the year."

Underwater visibility reaches an astounding 30M / 100FT here

Bermuda's waters seem to be much bluer than other places because of the low levels of phytoplankton.

Best pink beaches are John Smith's Bar (Smith's Parish), Warwick's Log Bay, Horseho Bay and Chruch Bay

There is no sales tax in Bermuda!