How to Address New Members on Deck
by Jim Montgomery

After you get their name and introduce yourself, ask them what their swimming background is. Have they ever swum on a swim team before? Grab a pull buoy and kick board, lots of members use their own fins, we recommend D&J store locations are 1). downtown Dallas on Stemmons Frwy between Mockingbird and Inwood or 2) Plano – Preston Rd and Spring Creek Pkwy.

Lanes are broken down by skill level beginner/slowest to advanced/fastest, get then to the right lane. I usually ask them if they are aware of the pace clock and if so do they have a sense what their time is swimming  a 50 or 100 yard/meter freestyle at a moderate pace.

Go over practice etiquette.  Circle swimming counter clock wise (go down the right side of the lane and come back on the right side of the lane). When stopping and resting, swim into the right corner of the lane, to let other swimmer pass.  Leave 5-10 seconds apart unless the coach tells you different.

IMPORTANT!  Tell them: You do not have to swim the whole practice, do not have to swim the whole swim set and you can stop and rest at any time. The key word is gradual. Suggest starting out swimming 3 times a week every other day for the first two or three weeks or until comfortable swimming a one hour practice. And for heaven sake don’t let any of the regulars talk you into leading the lane.

Top 5 Admin FAQ's from New Members

1. How do I get a parking permit for SMU? Go to, click Members, Parking Permits. The cost is $12 for a 6 month permit for the Binkley Garage.
2. My free trial is over. How do I join? Go to and click JOIN DAM button.
3. Where can I buy a new suit and equipment? We recommend D&J Sports. Go to and see their retail locations in downtown Dallas and Plano. If you show your DAM Card you receive 10% discount on swim wear.
4. How do I cancel or freeze my membership? We do not offer membership freezes, but you can cancel your account and rejoin anytime without paying the $25 enrollment fee again. Login to your DAM account, go to Members tab, My Account, then Cancel or Renew.
5. How do I update my billing credit card on file? Login to your DAM account, go to Members, Update billing

Coach Home

Workout Writing Schedule

 Workouts due 5 days prior to start date

Weekly Themes:
Monday - middle distance freestyle
Tues/Thurs - stroke work and IM
Wednesday - mid-distance free/quality sprint stroke and freestyle
Friday - feel good mix of a swim, kick, pull set or cruise freestyle
Saturday - middle distance free and sprint work