October 6, 2017


Here is the list of new members (21) that have joined in the month of September.
The lead coaches that handle the attendance rosters can make adjustments to the attendance roster as needed.

Dear Coaches,

First Name Last Name Swimming background and experience Why are you joining? primary pool location(s)
Jamie Allen College Already a DAM member SMU
Danielle Anderson High School, Age Group Fitness SMU
Jay Annand High School Former member renewing St. Mark's
F. Scott Bauer Master Competitor Master Competitor, Fitness, Triathlon Southlake
Paul Duncan Age Group, High School, Master Competitor Fitness Southlake
Ariana Giorgi Age Group, High School, College Fitness, Triathlon Baylor, SMU
David Krahe Age Group, High School, College, Master Competitor Fitness, Master Competitor, Triathlon Baylor, SMU
Brandi LeBlanc Age Group Fitness, Triathlon, Other Baylor, SMU, Southlake
Brendan Newman No previous swimming experience Other Baylor, SMU
Scott Parel College Fitness St. Mark's
andrew rohrbacher Age Group Former member renewing, Fitness, Triathlon Baylor, SMU
Kirk Stackle Age Group, High School, College, Master Competitor Fitness Baylor, SMU
Lin Wang No previous swimming experience Fitness Baylor, SMU, St. Mark's
Jacqueline Harrill   former member renewing  
Roberto Cardona     Baylor
Doug Stanley   former member renewing SMU
Emma Harrison     HP, SMU
Albert Masters   Former member renewing HP, SMU
Lin Wang     SMU, HP
Allan Kelsey   former member renewing Southlake
William Power   wife is a member St Mark's

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