August 9, 2017

Dear Coaches,

Here is the list of members (13) that have cancelled their membership July 1-31.  The lead coaches that handle the attendance rosters can make adjustments to the attendance roster as needed.


First Name Last Name Reason Pools
Robert Cohen Schedule Conflict Southlake
Michael Croom Non-payment SMU
Keith Gomez Other SMU, Baylor
David Lyons Schedule Conflict SMU
Gigi McGuire Financial, Schedule Conflict JJ Pearce
Jennifer Nance Break from Swimming SMU, Baylor
Brandon  Pappalardo Non-payment SMU
Sean Ryals Moving Highland Park
Chad Schwarz Break from Swimming SMU, Highland Park
Shannon Spaans Other SMU, Baylor
Paul Stedman Other Baylor
Terrance  Tippett moved SMU, Baylor
Dru Ubben Not Swimming SMU



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