October 6, 2017


Dear Coaches,

Here is the list of members (22) that have canceled their membership September 1-30.  The lead coaches that handle the attendance rosters can make adjustments to the attendance roster as needed.

First Name Last Name Reason Pools
Chris Ginder Break from Swimming SMU
Mubin Hassan Other SMU, Baylor
Patrick Healy Schedule Conflict SMU
Jillienne Jacoby Schedule Conflict SMU
Kelly Kagan Schedule Conflict SMU
Brent  Knutson Other SMU
Danielle Latimer Moving SMU
Francis Luttmer injury SMU
Andrew Montes No Pay Southlake
Jill Nicholas Injury Baylor
Lauren Nightingale Break from Swimming SMU
Sarah Parker Schedule Conflict Baylor
Sylvia Pineda Schedule Conflict Baylor
Sam Renouf Break from Swimming SMU
Ali Sadek Schedule Conflict SMU
Vicki Scharfenberger Seasonal Swimmer SMU
Ragen Stienke No Pay SMU/HP
Will Stovall Other SMU, Baylor
Michael Tannery Break from Swimming SMU
Tina Tannery Seasonal Swimmer SMU
Elia Torres Seasonal Swimmer Baylor
Daniela Vargas Maternity SMU



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