This page is for Office Administrative Instructions for livesite.


Create Swim Basics registration:  for Swim_Basics_NEWpage

  1. Create contact group  - Contacts, All My Contacts, Create Contact Group. Name it:  Swim Basics 0911 for Sept 2011 class.
  2. To create product – click on last month’s class, go to bottom of page and click duplicate. Change info to reflect new class dates, etc. We will keep on classes on file for one year until the next year’s class.


  1. Next step is make it a live product on the product catalog page. Go to All product group link, scroll to bottom and check the box for the class you just created. Another way to get to this page is to click the green “edit” button on the Swim_Basics_NEWpage..
  2. Then uncheck the box for the previous classes that have passed so they will be taken down off the catalog page.


Currently 4 classes can be added to the page.


Meet_results_archive page – need to edit table row properties Advanced tab for alternating color on the page. The light blue border background color code is #daddf0. The dark blue color is #25316B


How to Create Offers – 7/20/11

  1. Create offer rule
  2. Create offer – the offer code name will be used in the Key Code alias box. The text in the message box is displayed to customer.
  3. Create offer action
  4. Create key code – the alias must be the same as the offer code name for it to work.



To make the photo (100x150) size properly, go to Files, Click on similar photo, download file to Fireworks to see dimensions.

Coach photos are generally 100x150 – in Fireworks use Image, Modify and crop tool to resize pixel box. Export to folder and upload to livesite file. Insert photo to box on coach’s page and format to image-left secondary.

Home page scrolling photos are 600x250. To add a caption to a photo in Fireworks, use the A icon, verdana 12 font, and black up arrow to move text box around. Don’t put text to far to the right.

Album photos should be 720x480 – to upload photos, save all to a folder on your computer, zip the file and then upload to livesite.



  1. Add the event to the calendar.
  2. check the Accept Reservations box at the bottom of the bottom. More boxes will appear. Check the limit reservations box and put in 24 spots that can be reserved.
  3. Reserve Button label will say Reserve.
  4. Reservation Product: set to CLINFR – Freestyle Clinic - $0.00
    Note: If you need it set to a new product code, then create the product first and then come back and set up the Reservation.
  5. Next Page: set to “cart”.
  6. once the checkout process has been filled out by a member then they will receive a checkout receipt with an order number that confirms their free spot.


Importing data into Livesite by .csv files  - Search Help button for Import from csv file and follow instructions