jimteach.gifBecoming a swimmer is more than just learning to swim, it’s learning to enjoy swimming as a fitness activity! At DAM we provide a variety of resources to get you on your way:

Distance Swim Training

Our seasonal distance swim practices offer triathletes and competitive swimmers the opportunity to drop times, improve stroke mechanics, plan race strategy, discover new training techniques and train effectively for competition.  Learn breathing, sighting techniques, body posture and balance. Experience water entry/exit and rough/calm waters.  Master the ability to navigate, pace, swim in a crowd and draft efficiency.  As a member of DAM, you will Achieve mental preparation and confidence!  Click here for more info.

Private Lessons by DAM Coaches

Not quite ready for group swim instructions?  Many of our DAM coaches offer private lessons on stroke improvement for any skill level. Your coach will personally assess your skill level and provide you customized swim instruction to get you swimming safely and more confidently in the pool! Contact a DAM coach to begin your private swim lessons now.

Overcome Your Fear of Water

To become a swimmer, you must begin the journey by becoming comfortable and confident in the water. More than half of all adults report real discomfort about being in the deep end of a pool with nothing to hang on to. Trying to learn freestyle without first being comfortable in the water takes a very long time and isn’t the fun and enjoyable experience it should be.  Visit DAM Head Coach Jim Montgomery's website JMSWIM.COM to learn moreHere you will find complete details on a variety of swim classes designed specifically for adults who have a fear of water, limited or no no swimming skills, or simply need a 90-minute evaluation to determine what swim level is best for you.