Membership Pricing

Plan Billing Term Rate
Regular DAM Membership Recurring Monthly $85.00
Baylor Fitness Center Member Recurring Monthly $75.00
Southlake or Carroll ISD Resident Recurring Monthly $70.00
Annual DAM Membership Annual $960.00
Annual Baylor Fitness Center Member Annual $840.00
Annual Southlake or Carroll ISD Resident Annual $780.00
Cooper Fitness Center Members  
Student Summer Swim May 28-Sep 2, 2018 (Ages 14-22)* One-time Seasonal $195.00

*Please note student swimmers must be 16 yrs old to enter the BFC pool. (their policy)
*Former members: please renew your membership by logging in first, then click your name (upper right corner of this page) to get to the My Account page to rejoin. 

Discounts offered to full-time students, full-time teachers, active military duty, full-time police, fire. If you qualify please email  for the discount code. 

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There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25 to join and a three consecutive month minimum commitment to join DAM
Your account will be billed the monthly membership rate for a minimum of three consecutive months (not upfront). Memberships are on-going and will continue beyond the three-month minimum and will be billed automatically each month (on the day of the month that you register online) until we receive a written notice that you would like to cancel your account. Annual memberships must be renewed by the member each year.  If you plan on competing in any Masters meets or open water events sanctioned by USMS you will need to register with USMS annually at North Texas Masters Swimming. 

Please note that all swimmers must be 14 years old or over to swim at our pool locations except the Baylor Fitness Center. Baylor Fitness Center requires all swimmers to be 16 years old to enter the facility.

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