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Goin' Bananas - 2010 Maui Channel Swim
by Eney Jones - In an article titled The Case Against Bananas, Boating World Magazine stated that the banana superstition is worldwide but it is taken more seriously in Hawaii. So imagine, to our surprise, when Stanford Grad Jody Smith pulled out a banana to taunt Bobby Patten


Training for Endurance and Open Water Swimming
by by Jim Montgomery - Here are a few tips from my new book Mastering Swimming that should help get you ready to swim open water this summer.


Intense Training Is Still The Best For Overall Health and Fitness
by By Bobby Patten - Three studies have recently been published in support of what Jim and I have been preaching for over a dozen years...


by by Bobby Patten - Effects of coffee on swimming...


Rules of the Road - Practice Etiquette
by By Jim Montgomery - 12 rules to swim by...